Hors d'Oeuvres

Choose from these selections for your cocktail reception. Our event coordinator can help you determine just how much is enough for your party. Contact us for more details.

Hot Plates

Wild Mushroom Popovers  |  $30 per doz.
Ermite blue cheese, shallots and thyme
2 dozen minimum

Bistro Sausage Rolls  |  $28 per doz. 
Beer mustard seed, puff dough
2 dozen minimum

Mini Berkshire Pulled Pork Sandwiches  |  $36 per doz.
Beerbeque sauce, coleslaw, gouda

Mini Beef Burgers  |  $36 per doz.
Ketchup, mayo, chopped pickle & red onion

Buffalo Wings  |  $34 per 2 doz.
Wood-smoked, chipotle hot sauce

Buffalo Chicken Finger Skewers  |  $36 per doz.
Blue cheese and leek dunk

Beer Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Scallops  |  $60 per doz.

Stuffed Mini Lamb Chops  |  $36 per 8 pcs.
Garlic, thyme, morels, stout

Beer Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin  |  $60 per doz.


Beer Flatbreads

Our hand-rolled beer bread dough is made with the award winning St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

Blue Mushroom Pizza|  $15
Cremini, oyster, enoki and shitake mushrooms, tomato sauce, blue cheese

Hog Wild  |  $18
Berkshire pulled pork, smoked sausage, beer cured bacon, oregano, mozzarella, garlic confit

Duck Confit  |  $18
Goat cheese, thyme, caramelized onions, slivered potatoes


Blanche de Chambly Cured Smoked Salmon  |  $34 per doz. 
Crispy potato latkes, lemon goat cheese red onion & fried capers

Beer Flatbread & Dip  |  $2.50 per person
With daily dip

Market Cheese Platter  |  $100 (serves 25)
Seasonal artisanal cheeses, berries, crostini

Oysters on the Half Shell (seasonal)  |  $2.50 per pc.
Stout mignonette, beer hot sauce and fresh horseradish
2 dozen minimum

White Beer Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail  |  $3.50 per pc.
Smoked tomato cocktail sauce

Steak Tartare Crostini  |  $34 per doz.

Salmon Tartare Crostini  |  $32 per doz.



Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Dipped Strawberries  |  $2 per pc.

Mini Crème Brûlées  |  $3.25 per pc.



Due to the seasonal nature of some items, menus may be subject to change.

We would be pleased to provide you with beer pairing suggestions.
Please be advised that menu prices are exclusive of taxes and a 18% service fee.