Smoked suckling pig


Saturday's dinner starts on Wednesday. That's when we receive our local suckling pig. The pig is prepared and then brined until Friday. It’s then stuffed with the brining vegetables and herbs and slowly smoked over applewood for 18 hours. The result is pulled and served with  sides inspired by seasonal market ingredients, along with an unctuous smoked pork jus made from the reserved bones. Our next step is angrily debating the best beer to pair alongside the complete dish. By 5pm Saturday, dinner is ready. Our smoker can only fit one pig at a time, so this dish does sell out.


Saturdays and Sundays

Starting at 11am on weekends and holiday Mondays, come join us for brunch. The menu features a heavy focus on recovery food with the odd healthy option slipped in for good measure. Pairing beer with brunch is where a lot of fun happens, but we also make a killer Caesar and don't judge.

Late night poutine

Starting 11pm* 

You can't throw a brick in Toronto without hitting a bowl of poutine, but good luck finding a great beer to drink with it. Every night starting at 11pm (*10pm Sundays), we aim to fix that situation. Our 5 poutines all start with our signature frites, and are available up until an hour before closing time.