Buy your Driftwood tickets today!

Call beerbistro 416-861-9872 or ask your server! - tickets are limited! 

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beerbistro happily invites you to take another step in celebrating Driftwood brewery as they introduce three new draught into the Toronto market. Join us as we commit four draught lines to this wonderful brewery in a beerbistro mini tap take over. To accompany these four tasty beverages our head chef has worked day and night preparing a fabulous feast that is to be paired with Driftwood and Driftwood brewery alone. With the added bonus of guest speaker Ian McKay how can this be missed. Looking forward to toasting with you soon. Cheers.    

Face Lift

Dear friends, 

Out team is excited to announce we're renovating from December the 24th through January the 6th. We're keeping all of the things you love but making the restaurant look like it actually exists in the current century. We've got a few more surprises in store so please come check out our new digs soon. Can't wait to wow you in the New Year!

Love always,
Your pals at beerbistro.

The 12 Beers of Christmas

Fig 1: Menu writing is hard?

Fig 1: Menu writing is hard?

Throughout the month of December* we're providing the festive mood with 12 beers certain to warm your cockles, whatever the hell those are. Included with this release are a couple of beers that have been safely tucked away in our cellar for a few years, along with some bottles new to the bistro. Check out the list here, and have yourself a very merry Christmas!


*These beers tend to sell out. If you get here later in the month, it'll be more like the 6 beers of Christmas, but that doesn't sound quite as snappy. 

Holiday Dining

We’re now moving into the Holiday season! It's that time of year where again it falls upon you to arrange the big holiday party. Why not choose us and we'll do most of the heavy lifting for you. What is a better way of celebrating the end of the year than the intimate setting of beerbistros’ private dining room with creative cooking from scratch and an extensive beer list? Available for a sit-down lunch or dinner for up to 22 guests, and a standing cocktail reception for up to 40 guests. November and December dates are filling up quickly. Don’t forget it is possible to prolong this Holiday season by booking in January as well. Follow the link to our menu selection and how to get in touch.



Germany may wrap up their Oktoberfest at the end of September, but that's no reason to stop the party over here in Toronto. Up until the 28th of October, stop on by for our extra menu featuring traditional Bavarian dishes. Is your Octoberfest mostly about the beer? Then steel yourself for the consumption of massive 1 Litre steins of either Germany's own Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest, or its American counterpart, Samuel Adams Octoberfest Lager.