QUENCHING – Softly spicy and fruity German- and Belgian-style wheat beers

Blanche de Chambly (Québec; 5% alc.)

A light and refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer accented by the addition of coriander and orange peel.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale (Massachusetts; 5.3% alc.)

A bright American wheat beer brewed with lemon zest and a peppery African spice known as grains of paradise.

Side Launch Wheat (Ontario; 5.3% alc.)

Denison’s has a new name! This local German-style wheat beer carries flavours of banana, citrus and fresh grain.


CRISP – Dry, refreshing and moderately bitter to appetizingly hoppy lagers

Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell (Germany; 5.5% alc.)

With a sweet bready aroma, this dry, golden refresher is ideal for those dedicated to the most popular beer style in the world.

Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic; 5% alc.)

This, the first pilsner ever brewed has a floral aroma, and as blonde lagers go, a richer yet refined balance of hop and malt.


APPETIZINGAcidic ales ranging from sweet-tart to fully sour

Rodenbach Grand Cru (Belgium; 6% alc.)

Complex, wine-like, sour and sweet; the prized, oak-aged “Burgundy of Belgium” can change your idea of what a beer can be.


SOCIABLE Medium bodied, wonderfully balanced ales and lagers

Granite Brewery Best Bitter (Ontario; 4.5% alc.)

Fresh, leafy and toasty with the earthy aromas of UK hops. Brewed in the heart of Toronto for 25 years.

Saint Andre Vienna Lager (Ontario; 4.6% alc.)

A mild and malty amber beer with notes of sweet grain.

Shillow Beer Co. Sass on the Side (Ontario; 5.6% alc.)

Exclusive to beerbistro is this American-style brown ale that’s lightly roasty and modestly bitter with a quenching off-dry finish.

BOLDAles with a moderate to full bitterness and a naturally fruity hop character

Collective Arts Ransack the Universe (Ontario; 6.8% alc.)

Washington-sourced Mosaic hops and Australian Galaxy hops give a one-two punch of tropical fruits in this brightly bitter IPA.

High Road “The Bronan” Vermont-style IPA (Ontario; 7.1% alc.)

An unfiltered, juicy and aromatic small-batch IPA that’s winning hearts and minds throughout southern Ontario.

Publican House Square Nail Pale Ale (Ontario; 5.9% alc.)

There’s a refreshing dose of citrus in this mildly bitter ale, backed by notes of toasted malt and nuts.

Shillow Bitter Waitress Black IPA (Ontario; 6.5% alc.)

This hybrid style beautifully combines the savory roasted malt of a stout with 86 whopping IBUs of fresh, earthy hops.


SATISFYINGGently bitter and chocolaty or roasty ales, porters and stouts

St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (Québec; 5% alc.)

This rich, mocha-ish, softly fruity and a silky-textured stout ranks as Canada’s finest.


SPICYWell rounded, naturally spicy and warming ales and lagers

 La Fin du Monde (Québec; 9% alc.)

“The End of the World” comes in the form of a peppery, floral and citrusy kick to the head.


ROBUSTRich and warming ales with a full maltiness and impressive complexity

Maredsous Brune (Belgium; 8% alc.)

Plummy and accented by a dried-fruit edge, this Abbey ale deftly tightropes between full-bodied and refreshing.

 Paulaner Salvator (Germany; 7.9% alc.)

The original dopplebock drinks with flavours of caramel, chocolate and currant.



With some of the best apples in the world, Ontario has an ever-growing cider industry. Have a dose of local liquid gold.



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Lighter-bodied wheat beers

Cheval Blanc (Québec; 5% alc.)

Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse (Germany; 5.5% alc.)

Schneider Weisse (Germany; 5.4% alc.)

Pilsners and other blonde lagers

Czechvar (Czech Republic; 5% alc.)

Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance (ON;4.7%alc.)

Singha Lager (Thailand; 5% alc.)

Stiegl Pils (Austria; 4.9% alc.)

Sweetgrass Golden Ale (Ontario; 4.9% alc.)

Zywiec (Poland; 5.5% alc.)

Ales ranging from sweet-tart to fully sour

3 Fonteinen (Belgium; 7% alc.)

Alvinne Phi (Belgium; 8% alc.)

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose (CA; 4.2% alc.)

Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin (Belgium; 4.5% alc.)

Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge (BE; 5.5% alc.)

Les Trois Mousquetaires Gose (QC; 3.8% alc.)

Le Trou du Diable L’Ours (Québec; 6% alc.)

Liefmans Goudenband (Belgium; 8.5% alc.)

St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition (BE; 5% alc.)

Light to medium bodied lagers and ales

Anchor Steam Beer (California; 4.9% alc.)

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Ontario; 5% alc.)

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel (Germany; 5.6% alc.)

Hobgoblin (England; 5.2% alc.)

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer (Scotland; 6.6% alc.)

Köstritzer Schwarzbier (Germany; 4.8% alc.)

Samuel Adams Boston Lager (MA; 4.8% alc.)

Side Launch Dark Lager (Ontario; 5.3% alc.)

St. Peter’s English Ale (England; 4.4% alc.)

Porters and stouts

Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction (ON; 5.5%)

Dieu du Ciel! Aphrodite (Québec; 6.5% alc.)

Edge Brewing Padrino Porter (Spain; 5.5% alc.)

Guinness (Ireland; 4.2% alc.)

Tree Old School Stout (BC; 5.5% alc.)

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (Eng.; 5.2% alc.)

Hoppy beers with mild to bracing bitterness

Black Oak 10 Bitter Years (Ontario; 8% alc.)

BrewDog Punk IPA (Scotland; 5.6% alc.)

Cameron’s Rye Pale Ale (Ontario; 6.6% alc.)

Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason (ON; 5.7%alc.)

Collective Arts State of Mind ISA (ON; 4.4% alc.)

De Ranke XX Bitter (Belgium; 6.2% alc.)

Dieu du Ciel! Disco Soleil (Québec; 6.5% alc.)

Dieu du Ciel! Moralité (Québec; 6.9% alc.)

Driftwood Fat Tug IPA (British Columbia; 7% alc.)

Evil Twin Citra Sunshine Slacker (CT; 4.5% alc.)

Goose Island Goose IPA (Illinois/QC; 5.9%

Nickel Brook Headstock IPA (Ontario; 7% alc.)

Nickel Brook Naughty Neighbour (ON; 4.9% alc.)

Red Racer IPA (British Columbia; 6% alc.)

Red Racer India Style Red Ale (BC; 5.5% alc.)

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (California; 5.6% alc.)

Tree Cutthroat West Coast Ale (BC; 5% alc.)

Ranging from lightly smoked to burnt out husk
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier (Germany; 5.1% alc.)
Pretend that you can drink beer
Lakefront New Grist (Wisconsin; 5.7% alc.)
Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei (Germany; 0.4% alc.)


Big bodied, sometimes assertive ales and lagers
Achel 8 Bruin (Belgium; 7% alc.)
Aventinus (Germany; 8% alc.)
Ayinger Celebrator (Germany; 6.9%)
Chimay Première (Belgium; 7% alc.)
Dragon Stout (Jamaica; 7.5% alc.)
Kwak (Belgium; 8.4% alc.)
Maudite (Québec; 8% alc.)
Rochefort 8 (Belgium; 9.2% alc.)
Sinha Stout (Sri Lanka; 8.8% alc.)
St. Paul Double (Belgium; 6.9% alc.)
Traquair House Ale (Scotland; 6.9% alc.)
Trois Pistoles (Québec; 9% alc.)
Westmalle Dubbel (Belgium; 7% alc.)


Ales with spices or a lively spicy character
Achel 8 Blond (Belgium; 8% alc.)
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace (New York; 7.6% alc.)
Chimay White (Belgium; 8% alc.)
De la Senne Zinnebir (Belgium; 5.8% alc.)
De Molen Heen & Weer  (Belgium; 9.2% alc.)

Delirium Tremens (Belgium; 8.5% alc.)
Dieu du Ciel! Derniere Volonte Brett (QC; 7% alc.)
Duvel (Belgium; 8.5% alc.)
Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny (CT; 7% alc.)
Orval Jan. 2015 (Belgium; 6.9% alc.)
Stillwater Stateside Saison (CT; 6.8%)
Triple Karmeliet (Belgium; 8% alc.)
Wild Beer Ninkasi (England; 9% alc.)
Westmalle Tripel (Belgium; 9.5% alc.)
Zundert Trappist (The Netherlands; 8% alc.)
Potent high-octane ales
Achel Extra Bruin (Belgium; 9.5% alc.)
Bush Ambree (Belgium; 12% alc.)
Chimay Blue (Belgium; 9% alc.)
De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos (BE; 10.2% alc.)
Rochefort 10 (Belgium; 11.3% alc.)
St. Bernardus Abt 12 (Belgium; 10% alc.)
X.O. Beer (France; 8% alc.)
Ales fermented or finished with real fruits or juices 
Fruli Strawberry (Belgium; 4.1% alc.)
Peche Mel Scaldis (Belgium; 8.5% alc.)
Stiegl Radler Grapefruit (Austria; 2.5% alc.)
Timmermans Kriek (Belgium; 4% alc.)                      
Not beer, but still nice
Spirit Tree Draught Cider (Ontario; 6% alc.)